Ten reasons to choose Maastricht

Ten reasons to choose Maastricht:

  1. Excellent accessability: there are 8 international airports within an hour’s drive
  2. Strong conference community: the entire city will embrace the conference (restaurants, hotels, bars, inhabitants)
  3. Appealing destination: Maastricht is awarded Best city trip of The Netherlands (Zoover 2016, 2017, 2018)
  4. City of Health and Materials: strong connection to the Brightlands campuses
  5. Strong relationship with local governements: Maastricht Convention Bureau provides access to a strong network in the area
  6. Diverse city AND everything is within walking distance (conference venue, hotels, city center)
  7. Connect better to Europe: Located in the heart of Europe
  8. Internationally acknowledged scientists: Maastricht has the most international university of the Netherlands and 14th worldwide;
  9. Most European city of the Netherlands: Maastricht is the 2nd hotel, tourist and monument city of The Netherlands;
  10. Fantastic international conference facility: MECC Maastricht is awarded Best Dutch Conference Venue (Meeting Awards)


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