Maastricht is an ideal city to organise socially responsible and environmentally friendly meetings: many of our partners have adapted their methods and services on this type of meetings. In the Venue & Service Finder, you can indicate that you’re looking for a location or service that is socially responsible (Green Key).

The municipality of Maastricht also undertakes various initiatives to continue to development of the sustainability of Maastricht. The ambition is to have a climate neutral city in 2030. To reach this goal, the city works together with citizens, organisations and businesses. Naturally, the city of Maastricht has tuned its nature, environmental and  waste policy, for example with regard to:

•         Waste policy
•         Sjiek en Sjoen
•         Soil policy
•         Building sustainably for a sustainable Maastricht
•         Energy management
•         Noise policy
•         Air quality
•         Sustainable Maastricht
•         Green Maastricht
•         Loading and unloading in the city centre
•         External safety

In short: Maastricht is an ideal city to organise socially responsible MICE meetings! Any questions? Please contact us. We are ready to advise and inform you about socially responsible meetings in Maastricht.

Interested in reading some tips about the organisation of a socially responsible meeting? We’ve listed ten useful tips below:

  1. allow delegates to travel carbon neutral
  2. make use of public transport
  3. select local suppliers
  4. try to communicate paperless
  5. make sure that the chosen venues follow a “green” policy with regard to water, energy and waste
  6. ensure that the air conditioning, heating and lighting in the meeting rooms are not used needlessly, and that all electrical equipment is switched off when possible
  7. make sure that dinners consist seasonal, local products
  8. ask your caterer to avoid using individually packed servings and to not serve drinks in plastic bottles
  9. avoid the use of disposable tableware
  10. work with service providers who endorse the CSR-rules (Corporate Social Responsibility)