Maastricht Convention Bureau

Partner meeting March 3rd 2016 – Bonnefantenmuseum | Ipanema

On March 3th, we had a meeting at the Bonnefantenmuseum | Ipanema with regional partners of the Maastricht Convention Bureau. Director Jurgen Moors held a presentation with the theme: Maastricht: a unique congress community (Maastricht: een unieke congrescommunity). General Manager Rob van de Wiel of MECC Maastricht gave the participants an update on the developments surrounding MECC Maastricht, entitled Excelleren through smart business (Excelleren door slim ondernemen). Following was a tour of the Bonnefantenmuseum about the show Hold Your Beliefs Lightly by Greyson Perry. Finally, there was plenty of networking during a drink in the Ipanema Torenzaal (Tower Hall).

Here is an atmosphere impression of the afternoon. Photos: Frans Laeven.