Bonnefantenmuseum | Ipanema

The Bonnefantenmuseum, designed by Italian architect Aldo Rossi, is a splendid addition to the skyline of Maastricht.

A spectacular setting to enjoy art and experience new encounters! Featuring the famous Treppenstraße (monumental stairs) that leads to the exhibition rooms and the cupola: the distinctive tower. 

“Art will make us talk and enlarges our view on the world”
The Bonnefantenmuseum, Il museo di Maastricht by Aldo Rossi

Bonnefanten is a museum of old masters, modern art and contemporary art with a dynamic international exhibition programme. Rossi regarded the museum as a ‘viewing factory’ and we invite visitors to look with your eyes, to enjoy the diversity of the fine arts collection and to experience our highly acclaimed exhibitions. Climb up and down the majestic Treppenstraße, admire the charming wooden sculptures by Jan van Steffeswert or immerse yourself into the spectacular walldrawing Optical Glade by Stanley Donwood. Our core business: helping you with a tailor made art related program, during the day or in the evenings during an ‘exclusive late night opening’.


Rooms Overview

Name Measurement Layout Facilities
Width in m Length in m Height in m Surface in m2 Capacity in theatre layout Capacity in cabaret layout Capacity in school layout Capacity in U layout Capacity in boardroom layout Capacity in carré layout Capacity for parties Capacity for lunch / dinner Room with daylight Air Conditioning
Studio Rossi 15 14 3 175 50 40 20 25 20 20 75 46 yes yes
Auditorium 15 15 3 225 100 yes no
Ipanema café 15 14 3 185 300 90 yes yes
Ipanema toren 14 14 8 155 100 80 175 110 yes yes

Avenue Ceramique 250
6221 KX Maastricht
Limburg, Nederland
Phone: +31 (0)43 3290111 Website: E-mail: [javascript protected email address]
Venue: Convention or meeting venue, Party or dinner location, Special venue
Location: Maastricht centre, Maastricht including center
Exclusive use: Yes
Max amount of people: 100