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Here are the nominees for the first Brightlands Convention Award

On Saturday March 21st, during the annual TEFAF meeting of the convention ambassador club Amici ad Mosam, Mayor Onno Hoes will hand out the very first Brightlands Convention Award to the person who has meant most to Maastricht as a convention destination. We introduce the nominees for this award via this press release.

Amici ad Mosam was founded by MECC Maastricht and Maastricht Convention Bureau in 2011, to create a network and platform between regional academics, MECC Maastricht, and the Maastricht Convention Bureau. For many years now these two organisations have been building a relationship with academics from Maastricht & region. Together with them, they try to get conventions and scientific meetings to come to Maastricht & region and to initiate new ones.

The award is sponsored by Brightlands, which shows how important conventions are to the Maastricht Health Campus and the Chemelot Campus as well.

Below, the nominees for the very first Brightlands Convention Award are listed. They are in alphabetical order and besides their names, their specialties as well as the reason for their nomination are stated:

  1. Dr. Chris Arts – Orthopaedic – European Conference on Biomaterials 2018
  2. Prof. dr. Maarten van Kleef – Anaesthesiology|Pain Management- WIP; World Institute of Pain 2014
  3. Gilbert Soeters – Archaeology – Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeology 2017
  4. Prof. dr. Yasin Temel – Neurosurgeon |MHENS – ESSFN; European Society for Stereotactic Neurofunction Surgery 2014

The board of the Maastricht Convention Bureau elects the winner from these nominees. The winner will be announced by Mayor Onno Hoes on Saturday March 21st. The board members of the Maastricht Convention Bureau are: Frans Willem Cox, director Hotel Van der Valk Maastricht, Lars Flinkerbusch, director VVV Maastricht Tourist Office, Susanne Pauwels, managing director of Pauwels Congress Organisers and Rob van de Wiel, director MECC Maastricht. Chairman of the board is Jan Kees Dunning, CEO Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus.

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International Committee for Insurance Medicine (ICLAM) in Maastricht in 2016

22 – 25 May 2016 Maastricht welcomes the prestigious 25th Congress of the International Committee for Insurance Medicine (ICLAM). ICLAM (formerly AIMECA) was founded in 1901 in Amsterdam and will celebrate its 115th birthday in 2016. Therefore, the board of ICLAM chose to return to its origins. For the fourth time in history The Netherlands is the hosting country for the triennial Life Disability and Health Insurance Medicine convention. Over 500 insurance professionals will attend the convention where various topics related to medical and surgical treatments and advances will be discussed.

ICLAM is an intercontinental convention on insurance knowledge. The meeting has as subject the latest developments in medical science and the latest statistics on prognoses of medical and surgical treatment in the field of “life, disability and health insurance.” Topics from all medicine are discussed, from the perspective of different approaches such as statistics / epidemiology, medical technology / laboratory, medical law and ethics. During the conference there is plenty of opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world informally. ICLAM is an independent non-profit organization (association) with no commercial interests. The theme for ICLAM 2016 will be “accessibility of insurance”; a hot topic that leads to different social problems in different continents.

ICLAM in Maastricht
The organization of ICLAM chose Maastricht because of the hospitality, gastronomy, historical and international character and the many facilities the city has to offer. There is plenty to do; Maastricht is vibrant and large enough to draw your own plan, but also charming and compact enough to meet your international friends. Besides the personal approach and the good cooperation between the MECC Maastricht and the Maastricht Convention Bureau and the facilities of the MECC Maastricht played an important role.

Economic importance
International conventions such ICLAM are a major economic boost for the city of Maastricht. Regardless of income, these types of events are of great importance for employment and the reputation of the region.
The coming of ICLAM means to Maastricht & region:
• between 500 and 600 convention attendees, that stay in the city with or without a partner;
• attendees stay at least 4 days (often people come earlier or stay longer);
• there are at least 1.500 hotel stays;
• attendees spend together approximately € 730.000 in Maastricht & region .

Mr John Aarts, alderman Economics, Mobility and Finance, explains: “The revenues for the city are high. Many different parties benefit from a convention or forum that takes place in MECC Maastricht. Think for example of hotels that accommodate the attendees, but also to transport organizations that bring them to and from MECC Maastricht. In addition, participants and exhibitors will visit our beautiful downtown during their stay in Maastricht. They will visit restaurants and shops, they will drink and eat and buy souvenirs or gifts for home. “

Please visit and the Linkedin profile of ICLAM

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The Hospitality Group and Bookstore Dominicanen new partners Maastricht Convention Bureau

The Hospitality Group and Bookstore Dominicanen recently joined as a partner of the Maastricht Convention Bureau.

The Hospitality Group is a company whose objective is to provide events and projects with a broad focus on ‘hospitality’. Bookstore Dominicanen, located in the more than 700 year old Dominican church, has not only a wide range of books but also a busy agenda with over 140 events per year. The membership of the two parties is a wonderful addition to the Maastricht Convention Bureau, which now has 47 partners.

Dion Janssen, director of The Hospitality Group, says: “We have become a member of the Maastricht Convention Bureau because the organization has a large network and a good reputation to many international partners who need creative hospitality advice during congresses, fairs and events in the Maastricht region. Due to this membership, they will be able to find their way to our services better and easier.

Ton Harmes, director of Bookstore Dominicanen, also has a clear vision: “We not only offer the most complete and varied range of books of Maastricht and an excellent Coffee Lovers coffee bar, but our historic church is also a special place for receptions, exhibitions and other events. An interesting option for the business visitor to Maastricht and through the cooperation with the Maastricht Convention Bureau, this option will also be better known by professional organizers.

The Maastricht Convention Bureau is glad to welcome The Hospitality Group en Bookstore Dominicanen. Director Marcel Knols: ‘We continuously aim at high-quality cooperation with venues and services from Maastricht & surrounding area. This is very important, not only for meeting bookers, who can make use of our services entirely free of charge, but for our partners as well. They can more successfully work together and do business with each other, as being partners.”