In the spotlight: Rudy Nuijts

Each month, we aim our spotlight at someone dedicated to the Maastricht region, a beautiful conference destination. This month, that someone is Rudy MMA Nuijts, MD, PhD Professor of Ophthalmology, University Eye Clinic Maastricht, Medical University Center Maastricht. He also is the winner of the Brightlands Convention Award 2015. Each In the spotlight participant will be asked the same five questions. This is the response of Rudy Nuijts:


1. Why do you love the Maastricht region?

“Because I was born and raised in Noorbeek and stll live there. I went to high school in Maastricht and studied there at the University. After living in the west of The Netherlands and abroad, I came back to the region, because the quality of life is so high here.”

2. What is your most favourite memory?

“There are more than just one: the unconcerned high school and student life and the delights that go with that; the beautiful landscape to cross through with our bicycle club the Norbikers; the traditions of the Noorbeek village life such as getting the pine tree and the ‘bronk’.”

3. What is your “hidden treasure” and why?

“On a culinary level,my neighbours opposite of restaurant du Nord: delicious and close to home; on a sports level biking through the pays d’Aubel.”

4. Why should any conference organiser or association organise their conference in the Maastricht region at least once in their lifetime?

“Because the charm of the city of Maastricht and its Roman history is very appealing to my foreign colleagues and also to foreign visitors. Next to that, the MECC is an excellent venue with a good quality-price ratio compared to other European cities, as I have experienced during my 8 years of being ESCRS’s treasurer.”

5. What does the Maastricht Convention Bureau mean to you?

“Through its account managers, for years MCB has supported me during my efforts to let the ESCRS winter meeting take place in Maastricht. For 6 years, we strategically decided to organise the winter meetings in Eastern Europe. Now, Maastricht is the first Western European city where we continue our conference. This is mainly thanks to the professional manner in which MCB positions the MECC as high quality conference venue.”