In the spotlight: Remco Prevoo

Each month, we aim our spotlight at someone dedicated to the Maastricht region, a beautiful conference destination. This month, that someone is Remco Prevoo, Operational Manager of Jacobs Travel. Each In the spotlight participant will be asked the same five questions. This is the response of Remco Prevoo:

1. Why do you love the Maastricht region?

“I see Maastricht more as the capital of the whole region and dare to look across country borders while doing this. The things this region has to offer, other regions often have these in small extent. We of course have the city of Maastricht with its on the one hand urban character with the Maastricht University, historical city centre with many hotels, bars, restaurants and shops, the Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre and the Meuse river. If you look at what the region has to offer, next to all this, in the area of (high) culinary and day or evening programmes, this is really a lot. What makes this region unique is that business can easily be combined with culinary. In less than half an hour from the Vrijthof square, there are plenty of options, on both sides of the border.”

2. What is your most favourite memory?

“I have many. It is difficult to choose one specifically. Business wise it is always very nice to see how enthusiastic and astonished (foreign) guests react when you speak to them during their visit. A response which is often heard is that they wouldn’t have thought the region is so beautiful and versatile and that next to that, everything is perfectly organized. These moments, I am proud to be part of this region.”

3. What is your “hidden treasure” and why?

“That is not a simple question and therefore it is not easy to choose just one. The experience makes the region and therefore it is not something you can ‘touch’. When I am sitting on a terrace at the Vrijthof square with my family, I enjoy the flow and atmosphere. However, if half an hour later we end up at a terrace in the hilly surroundings, after a beautiful drive passing the many castles, I can really the serenity and the landscape we have there. All this combined with good food is pure enjoyment, I am a real lover of culinary things.”

4. Why should any conference organiser or association organise their conference in the Maastricht region at least once in their lifetime?

“Because this region offers the perfect combination of business and pleasure. Also, the region has developed tremendously and the people here know how to meet the expectations of (international) guests. Next to that, the region has the power to connect people and by doing so share knowledge: academic hospital, Maastricht University, Brightlands etcetera. Many foreign guests come from or visit conferences in large cities. They feel a warm welcome once they get to know the Maastricht Region. Next to that, the region is centrally located near various airports.”

5. What does the Maastricht Convention Bureau mean to you?

“For us, the Maastricht Convention Bureau is the connection between congress organizers and us as travel partner. They promote Maastricht at international trade fairs and will do the utmost to acquire congresses for Maastricht. The whole region profits from this. Jacobs Travel is always trying to think along in a high level transportation service. For 1 person for an airport transfer to Maastricht or for a group of 1,500 delegates from MECC Maastricht to a dinner location. During large transport flows, we always take care of the coordination on site to make sure everything goes well, which is reassuring for the client. Transport is an important aspect during the conference period; if something goes wrong, the entire program could go wrong. Jacobs Travel always is looking for innovation. For example, we developed software with which guests can easily book their transport from and to the various airports and Wifi is available in all our touring cars. The Maastricht Convention Bureau is a very important partner, because they hear the experiences of the congress organizers and share those with their partners involved.”