In the spotlight: John Aarts

Each month, we aim our spotlight at someone dedicated to the Maastricht region, a beautiful conference destination. This month, that someone is John J.M. Aarts, alderman of economics, mobility, finance, real estate and staff & organization in Maastricht. Each In the spotlight participant will be asked the same five questions. This is the response of John Aarts:

1. Why do you love the Maastricht region?

“I love the Maastricht region because as a born an raised Maastricht citizin, I experienced the beauty of the city and its surroundings every day. Next to that, the citys historie gives it its very intimate charachter. In physical space, as well as in the many historic stories. Finally, the feeling of solidarity and brotherhood we call the Mestreechter geis (‘Maastricht spirit’), which can be found in the togetherness of the people living here, expressed in festivities such as carnival, cultural activities, in atmosphere and an own dialect. This spirit does not only descend, it becomes part of your being.”

2. What is your most favourite memory?

“My most favourite memories are those of my youth, when I had the privilege to grow up in the most beautiful landscape of the world, as one can see from the Louwberg and the Sint Pietersberg. It was as if we were living in a world, painted with a divine paint brush. It was a privilege and a pleasure.”

3. What is your “hidden treasure” and why?

“The ‘hidden treasure’ is the emotion and and spirit which take possession of you when you are absorbing the fenome impressions of the city and its residents. That hidden treasure becomes visible when you are privileged to tell others the story of the city and its inhabitants in a lyrical manner.”

4. Why should any conference organiser or association organise their conference in the Maastricht region at least once in their lifetime?

“You want to allow everyone to see and enjoy this piece of paradise on earth. By attending a conference, this is possible.”

5. What does the Maastricht Convention Bureau mean to you?

“The MCB deserves to attract people to Maastricht. By doing so, not only the visitors are enriched, but also the city and the employment.”