In the spotlight: Esther Saris

Each month, we aim our spotlight at someone dedicated to the Maastricht region, a beautiful conference destination. This month, that someone is Esther Saris, owner of communication bureau EST.21 and President of Maastricht Culinair. Each In the spotlight participant will be asked the same five questions. This is the response of Esther Saris:

1. Why do you love the Maastricht region?

“It is a beautiful, compact university city in the middle of green surroundings, Its situation is fabulous: in no time one can be in Aachen, Liège or Hasselt. I love this multilingualism around me. All the good things in life can be found here: rich culture en lots of places for delicous meals. And the University gives the city a charming hustle and bustle.”

2. What is your most favourite memory?

“Oh dear, there are so many. Too much to mention. When you live here, it becomes normal that life is celebrated every day. When you are elsewhere, the differences stand out. Both positive and negative by the way. I then am glad to keep discovering the world and be able to return to a good place called home.”

3. What is your “hidden treasure” and why?

“Difficult question. Perhaps the cupola in the Bonnefantenmuseum: on a regular basis, one can see a Walldrawing of Sol Lewitt. One single line stretching to heaven as it were, made with mathematical precision. It is a nice contrast to the two basilicas which are here as well. The city of Maastricht has a lot of these kind of gems.”

4. Why should any conference organiser or association organise their conference in the Maastricht region at least once in their lifetime?

“The city is a true European pearl in a rich region. We link ambiance with hospitality. Everything is within walking or biking distance. And when you are a bit sporty, you are in the middle of nature in just a small bike tour. And on a culinary level, a lot is going on. In Maastricht, you are truly in a wonderful comfortzone.”

5. What does the Maastricht Convention Bureau mean to you?

“I see MCB as a partner in search and especially find. As hospitable professionals they know the ropes and put the city on the map. To me, this is very important.”