Maastricht Convention Bureau

Experienced in international conferences

Mark PostYou should choose for Maastricht because of the good and cooperative congress centre, fine hotels, attractive and compact city and the many shops, restaurants and bars Maastricht has to offer.

Mark J Post, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair of Physiology of the Maastricht University, organiser of the Internatinal Brightlands Symposiums on Culured Meat and member of the conference ambassadors club Amici ad Mosam


Maastricht is experienced in hosting international conferences, which often attract thousands of delegates from all over the world. Although its population is a mere 122,000, Maastricht has a large conference center and many hotel rooms. It also has a strong international focus, with many international institutes, a university, and a university medical center. The city has eight airports nearby and good national and international train connections.

The quality of the accommodation and the location are critical for the success of a convention. The Maastricht Region is perfect in this regard. There are locations to match every taste and requirement, from an international conference center and elegant hotels to exclusive and unique locations in caverns and chateaus. The many lovely squares, inviting bars, fine restaurants, outdoor cafés, and warm hospitality make Maastricht a delightful place for an international

A selection of past and future conferences hosted in Maastricht:

Year   Delegates   Congress
2013   2,700   Conference of the Dutch Society for General Practitioners
2014   1,800   World Pain Conference
2014   1,000   Scientific Meeting of the International Society Spinal Cord Society
2015   2,500   Congress of European Microbiologists
2015   2,500   Conference of the Dutch Society for Internal Disease Specialists
2016   1,800   European Association of Perinatal Medicine
2016   200   2nd International Brightlands Conference on Cultured Meat
2021   2,500   International Society for Peadiatric Dentistry
2021   3,000   European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry