EuroELSO 2017

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04 May 2017-07 May 2017
All day

MECC Maastricht

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On behalf of the Euro-ELSO Steering Committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 6th Euro-ELSO Annual Conference which this year will be held in the beautiful city of Maastricht, where culture, learning and business meet.

Clinical and scientific activities in ECMO and ECLS fields are running fast, with new information becoming available, shedding more experience and particularly new knowledge in this complex setting. Furthermore, industry is providing better and more performant devices enhancing application and safety of ECMO systems.

However, many aspects are still unclear or unknown. Expanded indications, patient selection, complication avoidance or management, ECMO/organs interaction, ECMO configuration, heart and lung protective approach, patient monitoring, long-term follow-up, are just a few aspects which have to be investigated and improved. A long journey is still ahead of us….

Motivation and passion are guiding us, and will also be, I am sure, perceived by listening to all speakers and people attending the annual Euro-ELSO annual congress.

Our mission is without compromise. We pursue quality of care through education and training, trying to improve patient care and survival against refractory organ failure.

The objectives of the ELSO community is strongly united and dedicated to provide the best scientific update and practical as well as hands-on sessions, available for any professional looking at ECMO/ECLS as a critical support and approach in critically ill patients. We are all engaged in this mission and we hope that all of you will appreciate the efforts devoted in this direction

Once again, Euro-ELSO will represent another chance to experience the unique atmosphere and friendship of the “ELSO family”, represented by the ELSO people and the related Chapters friends. I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity, and strongly advice, if you are still not part of it, to become active member of ELSO, either through your centre or as individual, of this outstanding group of friends and professionals.

As always, according to a well-established tradition for the Euro-ELSO annual congresses, I hope that you will also take the chance to enjoy the “European” flavour, either in the culture as well as in the other aspects of our beautiful continent, by joining the social programs organized by the local organizing committee.


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