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In the spotlight: Jan Kees Dunning

Each month, we aim our spotlight at someone dedicated to the Maastricht region, a beautiful conference destination. This month, that someone is Jan Kees Dunning, CEO of the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus. Each In the spotlight participant will be asked the same five questions. This is the response of Jan Kees Dunning:


1. Why do you love the Maastricht region?

“Maastricht is a compact city; everything can be reached by foot or by bike. A small, old historical city with an international charisma. An old city, yet very vibrant thanks to the students. Next to all this: the combination of city and green. From my apartment, within 1 minute, I can be running along the river Meuse and within 5 minutes by bike I canclimb up the first hill.”

2. What is your most favourite memory?

“Walking across the bridge over the Meuse after a dinner in the old centre, walking in the calm over the fastly streaming Meuse and looking at the old city with its many church towers.”

3. What is your “hidden treasure” and why?

“I am not sure if it is really ‘hidden’, but before work, I like to stop by Coffeelovers.’

4. Why should any conference organiser or association organise their conference in the Maastricht region at least once in their lifetime?

“It is an international city, easy to reach. Historical with a beautiful, modern congress centre. Delegates have a meeting at the conference, have dinner in town, and run into each other again at the Vogelstruys!”

5. What does the Maastricht Convention Bureau mean to you?

“In a competitive market such as the congress market, it is important that at first, congress initiators and organisers can orientate themselves with an independent agency and without too much sales pressure. This is the importance of the Maastricht Convention Bureau. Subsequently, Maastricht sells itself!”


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