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Maastricht’s location at the heart of Europe is unique. Aachen and Liège are right next door. And with eight airports within an hour’s drive, it’s always easy to reach.

Theo Bovens, King’s Commissioner for the Province of Limburg

One of the best accessible cities in Europe

Maastricht is located in the heart of Europe, in the Meuse-Rhine Euro region. The city is surrounded by Belgium and Germany and close to France. Cities such as Liège, Aachen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Brussels are therefore very near. Maastricht is easy accessible by plane, train and car.

By plane

Maastricht has its own airport: Maastricht-Aachen Airport. In addition, there are several (inter)national airports within an hour’s drive from the centre of Maastricht. This ensures that the Maastricht Region is easily accessible from all over the world. >>

By train

Maastricht has three railway stations and excellent train connections, both national and international. Every 30 minutes there is an intercity train connection from and to Eindhoven, Utrecht and Amsterdam. Frequently there are international connections from and to Belgium and Germany where there are international trains to France, the United Kingdom, etcetera. >>

By car

Because of the central location of the city, Maastricht is also easy accessible by car: via the highways from Amsterdam to Luxembourg, from Cologne to Brussels, from Liège to Paris and from Maastricht to Aachen. In short, Maastricht is easy accessible from all directions. >>